Title I Home–School Partnership Agreement

February 23, 2018


Mission Statement

One school, one purpose; to provide academic success for every student. Understanding at Metcalf we do whatever it takes to help our students succeed.

Student: As a student, I agree to…

  • always try to do my best in my work and my behavior;
  • be respectful to my teachers and fellow students;
  • work hard to do my best in class and complete my homework;
  • be an active participant in my own learning;
  • attend school regularly.

Parent: As a parent, I agree to make an effort to…

  • participate in school activities such as Title I parent education programs, parent nights, parent/teacher conferences, and open house;
  • to stay aware of what my child is learning, and communicate regularly with school, staff, and with my child;
  • spend time each day with my child reading, writing, listening, or just talking; 
  • to assist with homework and read with my child every day; 
  • sign and return all papers that require a parent’s or guardian’s signature.

School: As a school staff, we agree to…

  •  provide an atmosphere that fosters learning, provides opportunities for success, and helps to develop responsible, caring, independent learners;
  • provide a safe, pleasant, and caring atmosphere;
  • maintain high expectations for myself, students and other staff;
  • provide an environment that promotes active learning;
  • believe each child can learn.

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